HEMAD is an award-winning campaign to motivate men to take a public stand against the sex trade and human trafficking. The campaign is spreading across the country and around the world through social media. So far, more than 45,000 men have taken the HEMAD (Human trafficking Educators working with Men and boys to stand Against the Demand) pledge. 


Human sex trafficking is a growing problem here in Wisconsin. A study from the Medical College of Wisconsin found that in the City of Milwaukee alone there were 340 people believed to be victims between 2013 and 2016. The National Trafficking Hotline also reported 134 cases in Wisconsin in 2018.


Take the Pledge

HEMAD is a movement that continues year-round. If you are a man who wants to take a stand against human trafficking, you can watch the video and take the pledge right now. ​After taking the pledge, don't forget to share the video with at least two other men. 

"It is my duty to not standby and let the industry of human trafficking benefit off of the back of the innocent, therefore I pledge my heart, mind, body and spirit to the eradication of an industry that seeks to destroy life rather than build it up.​ We of HEMAD pledge to work to eradicate the business of human trafficking, for our women, for our men and for the world. I pledge to educate men on the importance of ending human trafficking."

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