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The CRC provides ancillary support services for individuals rebuilding their lives after trauma. The trauma is defined by the individual and may include divorce, loss of employment, incarceration, human trafficking, sexual assault, sexual abuse, incest, domestic violence or addiction.

Through the Eyes of a Parent (TTEP)

Providing support for the family members of human trafficking survivors. 


Walking with them through the unthinkable as they position themselves for their loved one to return home, deal with a loved one actively involved in the commercial sex trade against their will, or cope with harsh realizations.

Solace Support Line

A warm line of support for human trafficking survivors.  This is not an emergency or service line.  This line is used for survivors that just need to communicate with someone via phone or text.

​Call the SOLACE Support Line


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Human & Sex Trafficking Support Initiative

Building a network of support for human trafficking survivors. 
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Our Partners Include:​

Rahab’s Daughters

Healthcare Collaborative Against Sex Trafficking (HCAST)

Milwaukee Joint Human Trafficking Task Force (MJHTTF)

Bread of Healing Clinic

New Testament Church Healthcare Clinic

M&S Clinical Services

Note:  If you are interested in being part of HSTSI send an email to and an application will be sent to you


SWISH provides a variety of services designed to help our Works of ART (that’s what we call our clients) obtain life-sustaining employment.  Including but not limited to:

Job Interview

​Earned Survivor Support (ESS) – survivors of human trafficking participate in work experience with a stipend at CRC.  Minimum 8hrs per week 


Earned Support (ES) – Works of ART participate in work experience with a stipend at CRC.  Minimum 8hrs per week

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