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The CRC provides ancillary support services for individuals rebuilding their lives after trauma. The trauma is defined by the individual and may include divorce, loss of employment, incarceration, human trafficking, sexual assault, sexual abuse, incest, domestic violence or addiction.


A warm line of support for human trafficking survivors.  This is not an emergency or service line.  This line is used for survivors that just need to communicate with someone via phone or text. 


Often after a trauma episode, survivors need to talk through the experience, or if they are having an episode, we have trained operators staffing the line.  The line is not currently monitored 24/7 but future plans to extend coverage are underway. 

Call the SOLACE Support Line 833-775-8255




Human and Sex Trafficking Support Initiative (HSTSI)

Building a network of support for human trafficking survivors.  Some of our partners include:

  • Rahab’s Daughters

  • Glow Up Milwaukee

  • Healthcare Collaborative Against Sex Trafficking (HCAST)

  • Milwaukee Joint Human Trafficking Task Force (MJHTTF)

  • Bread of Healing Clinic

  • New Testament Church Healthcare Clinic

Note:  If you are interested in being part of HSTSI send an email to and an application will be sent to you.


Solace Workforce Integration with Specialized Help (SWISH)

SWISH provides a variety of services designed to help our Works of ART (that’s what we call our clients) obtain life-sustaining employment.  Including but not limited to:

  • Earned Survivor Support (ESS) – survivors of human trafficking participate in work experience with a stipend at CRC.  Minimum 8hrs per week 

  • Earned Support (ES) – Works of ART participate in work experience with a stipend at CRC.  Minimum 8hrs per week

  • Goodwill Mentorship – Works of ART are assigned individual Goodwill mentors providing job readiness and assistance with job placement.  

  • Employ Milwaukee - Works of ART go through an interview process and are placed at local business where they work part-time with the intention of being hired full time after an 8-week period.



HeartMath Logo

HeartMath is a science-based technology to help people build personal resilience using their own bodies. 


CRC was the first organization in the United States using Heartmath to help human trafficking survivors manage trauma for which we received a Humanitarian Award in Cancun, Mexico. 


Convergence has 4 Certified Heartmath Coaches and 1 Certified Heartmath Trainer are planning to add more to meet the demand.  Sessions are individual.


Solace Youth Network Club (SYNC)

Summer Girls Program 

The Solace Youth Network Club has been suspended due to COVID-19.

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A customized trauma recovery package for individuals rebuilding their lives after trauma. This is developed with input from the Work of ART assisted by their ART Facilitator (case manager).


The package will outline the services needed to help the Work of ART begin healing and then to move forward in their lives.


Packages may include psychotherapy, resilience-based curriculums, science-based technology, and family support.

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Solace Chat and Informal Talk

Individual psychotherapy appointments by licensed psychotherapists and supervised psychotherapy interns.

Clients with several complex trauma are referred out with a warm handoff.


Tamar's Remnant in Upward Moving Pursuing Healing (TRIUMPH)

Faith-based curriculum based on the Tamar’s in the Bible.  Offered once a year, this highly requested curriculum is open to the public. 


It is in a group setting and meets once a week for 8 weeks.  Class size is limited due to the intensity of the material. 


Have you ever wondered what the Bible says about violence against women?  TRIUMPH may provide some answers.

TRIUMPH support group logo.jpg



10 session resilience based curriculum that psychologically walks a person with lived experience of the commercial sex trade to healing.  The curriculum can be provided in a group or individually.


CRC has 4 trained ETG Facilitators and 1 of only 3 trainers in the world.


Weekly Peer Support Group

Peer to Peer Recovery Support Group every Friday at 1:00pm.  This meeting is a great way for you to share about every day challenges, talk about achievements in your recovery, and support each other on our journeys.

Please email for more information. 

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Providing support for the family members of human trafficking survivors. 


Walking with them through the unthinkable as the position themselves for their loved one to return home, deal with a loved one actively involved in the commercial sex trade against their will, or cope with harsh realizations. 


Solace Helping Others Win (SHOW)

Artistic and crafting classes lead by our SHOW facilitators. From sewing to art to website design, we SHOW survivors how to use their creativity as an emotional outlet or even as a path towards achieving their dreams.

Crafts Supplies

Unlocking the Wounded Heart

Weekly Group Sessions

One hour group sessions, generally on Wednesdays from 10 am - 11 am.

Do you struggle with unresolved pain from your past? This group strives to utilize proven tools for unlocking your wounded heart, guidance in how to take steps on the path to wholeness, provide insight into the bedrock of Christian beliefs, and to help you become more intimately involved with the Lord as you work towards a healthy and stable life.

Utilizes curriculum from the workbook for self-discovery and healing created by Priscilla Lack. 

Anger Management

SAMSHA Approved Curriculum

Roughly 12 weekly sessions centered around group support when facing Anger Management. The group aims to help WOAs discover not just how to manage their anger but understand themselves and the cues that ignite their anger. 

The class offers different skills, delving into how anger progresses into action and how to better handle one's internal cues as well as how to better handle external cues.

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